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Geocache clears Hurst Wood
Written by Ruth Lovering   
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 20:46

Geocache HurstWood

In Hurst Wood in April Stu Adkin led a Geocache Team on a volunteering day. He had a great time, as he reports below:

'The Geocache Team  were an absolute delight to work with and there was quite a few of them - I would say around 16/17 in total throughout the duration (there were 11 to start and quite a few people just popped along or were in and out in a flash e.g. the one named Manky Badger!). Their numbers were bolstered by Peta, who also "coerced" her neighbours - The South family to attend.

All parties grafted like troopers in removing the rather defunct fence aligning the main track leading to the Dormouse sculpture. I was pleasantly surprised just how stuck in they got - I really had to insist they stop for a breather - not even the promise of tea / coffee would stop them - so I pulled the ace card and finally jam doughnuts enticed them. They soon got stuck back in though. 

It was good mix of people too, young and old. For those that lasted to the bitter end, we closed the day with a walk round the site, highlighting some of the conservational aspects.

Two reasonably young common frogs were rescued during the fence removal and a buzzard waved farewell as we were packing up. I believe fun was had by all and there was talk of a return visit in October when the Geocache world runs a similar affair. Fingers crossed it happens, I was chuffed to say the least.'

Thanks to all of you who attended. You made Stu very happy and as an HCC trustee it is really great to hear of such enthusiasic support.


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